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To the Honorable
Glenn Hegar,
Tim Kleinschmidt,
Ronnie McDonald,
and Commissioners
William Pina,
Clara Beckett,
John Klaus,
and Lee Dildy:

As a resident, business owner, employer, taxpayer, or student of Bastrop County, I am writing you in support of the Central Texas Airport project.

Bastrop County residents need new economic development projects that can stimulate our local economy, create a new tax base, and improve employment and educational opportunities for a large and diverse base of its citizens. For over ten years, both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Texas Department of Transportation have acknowledged the need for a new general aviation reliever airport for the Central Texas region. Their efforts to construct this airport have been unsuccessful.

The Central Texas Airport offers a privately funded, developed, and operated solution to address the general aviation needs of the Central Texas air transportation network. The Central Texas Airport will be open to public use with privately-imposed restrictions, which maximize the compatibility of the airport’s operations with business and community interests.

I urge that you assist and support the developers’ efforts to build the Central Texas Airport.