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Tiga Energy Services Announces Joint Venture to Develop Blended Renewable Energy Plants At GCC

February 17, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb.15, 2011 – Tiga Energy Services, Inc., a provider of security, connectivity, and interoperability solutions to the energy industry, announced today it has formed a joint venture with Eco-Merge USA LLC., a subsidiary of Dentsu Japan, and Innovative Energy Group, LLC. To fund, deploy and operate multiple 100% blended renewable energy power plants throughout Texas and the USA. Each energy plant will be privately funded and will blend renewable sources that will include solar, simple cycle, combined cycle (steam-to-energy), and combined heat and power plants (CHP) powered from waste-to-energy sources to produce in excess of 15MW of renewable energy. The plants will offer renewable electricity at rates highly competitive with conventional utilities.

The first blended renewable energy power plant is scheduled to break ground in the second quarter of 2011 in Bastrop County Texas, approximately 15 miles from Austin. The plant will offer electricity to utilities in the Central Texas region and provide thermal energy services to the planned Eco-Merge Green Corporate Center.

Under our business model, the partners and investors will jointly own the plants and sell electricity at a profit both to an anchor customer and to independent utilities. We expect that upon completion …

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Central Texas Airport is Proud to Announce the Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers Development

October 20, 2010



  • Project combines economic growth, job creation, transportation improvement and environmental responsibility
  • Companies already making commitments to locate at the center
  • Private investment will fund development, construction and operating costs
  • Central Texas Airport addresses general-aviation gap dating back 10-plus years

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 19, 2010 – An ambitious Central Texas development will demonstrate the vast potential of common-sense green technology and planning, while creating much-needed jobs, increasing tax revenue and providing critical general-aviation capacity for the region.

At an event today at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, project and public officials said the Eco-Merge Green Corporate Center, located in Bastrop County, will show how commercial development and environmental responsibility should not only coexist, but are best done together.

The 1,500-acre GCC project, near the intersection of FM 1704 and FM 969 about 15 minutes east of Austin, will be home to organizations researching, creating, incubating and producing advanced green technologies.  Companies already committing to operate from the center include:

Central Texas Airport’s Potential Community Impact

August 27, 2010


Airports represent one of the largest economic development generators in our nation.  Corporate and private air travel is critical for business transactions worldwide and efficient functioning of many aspects of the economy.  Businesses, industry, communities, hospitals, and other uses compete to locate near airports. This fact is evident in the following two Texas airport examples.  Both airports were originally developed in remote unpopulated areas.  As the photos indicate, high-dollar value commercial and residential uses and public facilities elected to locate around them, despite the fact that each airport ranks among the busiest airports in the nation, in their respective classification.


Addison Airport is a public airport located in Addison, Texas in Dallas County, nine miles north of the Dallas central business district.  The airport was established in 1954 and was purchased by the town of Addison in 1976.  It is the busiest general aviation airport in Texas and among the five busiest in the United States.


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth and is the third busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements.  In …

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