Central Texas Airport & Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers will deploy a variety of economically viable renewable energy generation systems. Technologies being considered for use at the CTA & Eco-Merge GCC include:

  • PV and Thermal Solar Energy Generation
  • Wind Generation
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Flywheel Energy Storage
  • Plasma Arc Trash Gasificaiton (trash to energy)
  • GeoThermal Heat Pumps
  • GeoThermal Energy Generation
  • Biofuel production from wastewater algae

Planning Green

Central Texas Airport—located sixteen miles east of downtown Austin—is specifically designed to be a general aviation airport capable of supporting transcontinental and intercontinental private and business aircraft. CTA will offer an assemblage of aviation repair, maintenance, inspection, certification, retrofitting, and other service businesses and providers that previously have not been available in the Central Texas region.

The Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers partnership will establish CTA as the nation’s first green airport. CTA will be surrounded by Eco-Merge GCC’s master‐planned business community, developed to attract responsible corporate customers and businesses to adopt the design, construction and operational standards of Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers. While many airports around the country have boasted the implementation of green technology features, CTA will be the most comprehensive and environmentally sound airport in the United States.

Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers will implement on the CTA premises an integrated set of smart grid and renewable energy features to create an energy-efficient corporate community with a minimized carbon footprint and a realizable return on investment.

As an integral part of the master plan, Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers will recruit, and naturally attract, companies with existing and newly emerging technologies that will be introduced and demonstrated in a real-world commercial environment. Most green and renewable energy projects have been attempted within the constraints of zoning, design, development and construction, building and environmental codes, regulations or restrictions that prevent successful results. As such, lengthy delays in obtaining approvals or permits for previously unseen applications or designs have been common. Additionally, regulatory demands for modifications or compliance has often caused adverse financial or market opportunity impediments. The funding and legal constraints that drive and control the introduction of new technologies or proprietary models or applications have often prohibited the disclosure demands of a municipal public domain review and approval process.

Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers will provide a safe, private environment for the development and introduction of communication technologies, smart grid design, and renewable energy applications. Review and approvals for all vertical development and environment design at CTA and within the Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers business community will be overseen by its board and architectural committee to reliably operate within the parameters of non‐disclosure agreement requirements. Current features being considered for the project are:

Integrated Broadband Network Services

TIGA Energy Services is spearheading the deployment of an integrated corporate campus network that will offer competitive voice, video, data and smart grid services over a private Internet Protocol (IP) broadband service network. This system will provide a highly competitive choice of services and service providers to CTA & Eco-Merge GCC operations, its tenants and customers. It also will utilize renewable generators and building automation and control systems to establish the first real-world corporate smart grid control system. The result will be the first-ever, Internet-based energy services platform that will forge the way to smooth integration of utility smart grid services and competitive Internet-based services for energy management, asset management, lighting and climate controls, master‐project irrigation management and premises security. In addition, this secure IP-based information and control system will link onsite renewable energy generators with local utility grids and carbon trading systems. Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers intends to deploy an Energy Star-rated data center on the CTA & Eco-Merge GCC site.

Onsite Solar Power Generation

The CTA & Eco-Merge GCC project will establish a significant onsite solar generation plant to power buildings and electric vehicles. Additionally, the plant will function as a renewable generation source for local utilities and businesses to help them meet their green and carbon reduction initiatives.

Geothermal Climate Control

CTA & Eco-Merge GCC intends to implement geothermal climate control systems using the constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool premises buildings. This feature will provide a significant 25‐50% savings in heating and cooling costs for buildings within the CTA & Eco-Merge GCC project, plus it will reduce carbon emissions associated with heating- and cooling-related energy consumption.

LEED Qualified Green Buildings

CTA & Eco-Merge GCC buildings will be constructed to meet stringent LEED‐EB Platinum qualification standards. In a recent case study by the US Green Building Council, buildings with a LEED‐EB Platinum rating were experiencing a 148% annual ROI in energy savings.

Ground Water and Rain Water Reclamation and Processing

The CTA & Eco-Merge GCC project is located over an underground water source that fronts on the Colorado River. Additionally, the almost 1,000-acre master site naturally collects significant onsite storm water. Water for irrigation and other purposes will be sourced from rainwater collection systems and storm water retention during rain events, and from groundwater supply. An onsite water processing system will recycle this water before returning it to the groundwater supply to create a sustainable water resource for CTA and Eco-Merge GCC.

Electric Service and Transport Vehicles

CTA & Eco-Merge GCC will deploy plug‐in rechargeable electric vehicles and baggage conveyers. Utilizing the integrated onsite smart grid, vehicles and equipment will be recharged at charging stations situated throughout the CTA & Eco-Merge GCC complex.

Onsite Natural Resources

Onsite ground water, sand, gravel and abundant fertile soils are available for use for development, paving, building construction, landscaping, and other ongoing maintenance and operational needs. As a result, the need to transport such resources from other locations is significantly eliminated, which reduces both development-related roadway traffic and overall carbon emissions from construction activities of the CTA & Eco-Merge GCC project.


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