Central Texas Airport was conceived to be more than just an air transportation solution for the Central Texas region. With private ownership and operation, the freedom to develop CTA as a model demonstration project offers unlimited possibilities. Airports are recognized as premier infrastructure assets with 75-100 year lifespans that are tremendous economic engines for communities. Add new environmental design, development, construction and operational practices with the intent to demonstrate how to retrofit existing commercial and military airports into carbon-balanced operations. This scenario creates the environment of innovation, science, technologies, that create the demand for new educational talents, specially trained labor forces, and a platform for free business enterprise to grow and establish opportunities not available with existing airports and its surrounding environs.

CTA and Green Corporate Centers, the master-corporate community project surrounding the airport facility, are seeking companies and businesses that have technologies, services and products for the future that need a place to establish their viability and demonstrate their value. Clean, alternative and renewable energy companies representing solar, wind, bio-fuel, geothermal and others are already in discussions with CTA’s team. These companies recognize that an airport project in a private, clean regulatory environment, with an abundance of open land areas and high energy demands, provides the perfect model for deployment. CTA extends an open invitation to companies and businesses interested in exploring how they might be a part of this exciting opportunity.

CTA will work with businesses in aviation and non-aviation categories that will need trained labor and a large work force willing to be trained in new skills and activities. Aviation-related career opportunities will be abundant with skill sets required at all levels, from post-graduate to those with a high school diploma or accreditation. The Federal Aviation Administration has several certificate training programs that allow students 18 and older the opportunities to earn a certificate that can lead to a high-paying career. Candidates must gain at least 18-months of practical experience or graduate from FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School, then pass written, oral and practical tests to qualify http://www.faa.gov/mechanics/become/basic/.

CTA will be the initial deployment for a new patent-pending Internet-based smart grid technology network that will attract all types of businesses that seek to provide services to the Green Corporate Center, the CTA customer base and other connected areas in Bastrop County. Personnel possessing new skills in the deployment, management, maintenance, and operation of this network and its customer base will be needed.

CTA extends an open invitation to companies and businesses—including potential educational partners or trade and technical schools—that are interested in exploring participation in or locating at Green Corporate Centers.

Unlimited opportunities exist and imaginations are left to introduce new ideas to the owners of CTA and Green Corporate Centers. This website will be frequently update with announcements of new partnerships and participants.