Central Texas Airport and Eco-Merge Green Corporate Centers are working with school districts across the nation to learn how existing curriculums related to new and emerging technologies prepare students to gain employment in the fields of smart grid, green building practices, and renewable energy generation.

CTA and Eco-Merge GCC are simultaneously exploring technical schools across the nation that specialize in teaching the curriculums of aircraft maintenance and repair, avionics, aircraft overhauls and conversions to determine how citizens of the Central Texas region can best learn what they need to gain employment in these fields.

This ongoing research will result in framing how the youth of Bastrop County can procure the education necessary to help take advantage of job opportunities with CTA and Eco-Merge GCC.

CTA and Eco-Merge GCC will continue to meet with the associated local area school districts throughout the coming months, and updated findings and information about educational opportunities related to job requirements with CTA and Eco-Merge GCC will be posted here.

CTA and Eco-Merge GCC owners will seek educational partnerships with regional area school districts. The goal is to develop job training partnerships with the campus businesses and local area school districts internships are a key FAA requirement in the FAA certificate licensing process which once obtained can lead to high-paying careers.

CTA and Eco-Merge GCC scholarship programs will be developed to assist student candidates with expense paid training and advanced degree education programs. The goal is to invest in training and developing talent that will return and accept employment opportunities at CTA and Eco-Merge GCC; thus keeping Bastrop residents home in our community.